Thursday, 24 May 2018

Post Surgery

It has been three days since the most horrifying experience of my life.

I have been experiencing pain in my left hip for three weeks. At first, I thought it was just a gastric attack but it was too painful. The doctors gave me the same feedback but then I wondered why it hurt so much in my left hip because gastric attacks usually occur at the abdomen. I changed clinics and the doctor took my urine sample. She detected blood and protein in my urine, which was a very rare case because there shouldn't be any traces of blood in my urine to begin with. I have been eating a lot of antibiotics but it didn't help me. The pain went high and low but it never leaves. I was hopeless, I barely had a night's sleep. I tried taking supplements, medicines, traditional medicine, everything. Sometimes I taught that I might just die rather than bearing this uncurable pain. I kept calling God as I lied, rolling down the floor while holding my hip, asking for help because that was what my grandmother always say, "sakit itu dari Allah, maka kepada Allah kita kembalikan sakit tu". The only thing I could utter when I was in pain was, "Ya Allah, tolonglah aku"
Indeed, He did.

I woke up from my sleep after sahur with a degree of pain that I couldn't describe. It was more than what I experience daily. No positions can ease the pain. Mama was out of words, she didn't know what to do. My family hates hospitals. None of us are allowed to go there unless one of us goes into labor. I knew it was a hard decision for her, but she had no other way to save me. At 1030am, she went against her own principle and drove me to Columbia Asia Hospital. She took me to the emergency area. The pain got higher and higher. I threw up until I had nothing left in my stomach. My whole body was trembling. The nurses in the hospital pushed me to the ER and gave me a dose of the strongest painkiller they can give, but it didn't get rid of the pain.

After briefing my pain history to the doctor, they decided to do a CT scan on me and see what they could find. They saw round entities near my bladder area. The urine test still shows the same result, they thought it was gallstones. They referred my case to a specialist. I couldn't remember the right term for it but he said it wasn't gallstones.

I was weak, lying down on one of the beds in the ER until the doctor came and asked me to fast. I asked him why, but he said he would tell my mother. I was curious. I was the one who was sick, why would he tell my mother first?

My mother came to me. Her face was pale as if she has seen a ghost.

"Cyst", was the only word she said to me.

A gynecologist came to us and explained to us about my current situation. I had a dermoid cyst that was tangling in my left ovary.  There was a possibility for my left ovary to be removed completely. However, the pregnancy rate for me remains the same, with one or both ovaries. There had been cases where mothers give birth to 4-5 kids with only one ovary.

I felt numb and verged into tears. Suddenly, I thought of what will happen to me if I lose my left ovary. Suddenly, I felt less of a woman. I knew my worth isn't measured by how functional I am in that sense, but I knew why most women break down when they receive such news.

The gynecologist was ready to help but unfortunately, the insurance company rejected my case. He said my case couldn't wait any longer. He helped me to call his contacts at Putrajaya Hospital and demanded that the surgery must be done that very night.

The most suspense night of my life began.

20/5/18- 0130hrs

After countless transfers from ward to ward and waiting for my turn to be pushed to the OT, finally, the nurses gave me the blue dress. I couldn't believe that I actually wore that. When they pushed me to the OT, the first person that I saw was the anesthetist.

"Ikut saya ya. Lailahaillallah, Muhammadurrasulullah", he said repeatedly while inserting drugs into my body with a syringe that I wasn't familiar with. It hurts as hell and I was shivering due to the cold OT. I tried to survive the pain by closing my eyes and as I woke up, the first thing that I heard was,

"Yay! Jom pergi sahur!"

I tried to laugh but I dozed off again into a deep sleep.

21/5/18-and beyond

I had a few relatives and friends that came on the first day after I had my surgery- Mak Ngah, Mummy Lynn, Iman, and Elle. Elle bought me a vase of purple flowers that fragranced the whole room, even the nurses felt calm as they walk in to drip antibiotics into my body. You could see the whole view of Putrajaya from my room. The sunrise and the sunset, also the city lights at nights that I couldn't sleep. Oh you know me, it is the view that keeps me alive. My mother would leave the curtains open for me in case I would want an inspiration to write a poem. Little did she know that she was the inspiration for my next poem that I couldn't bring words together for. Her courage and bravery to go through everything alone in my darkest hour just to save me deserves recognition. I couldn't thank her enough. May Allah grant her the highest place in Jannah.

My dermoid cyst was 10cm. It was twisted thrice at my ovary. My ovary was 80% okay and 20% dead cells. The doctor decided to let me keep my ovary because it was mostly in a good shape and he was hoping that the dead cells can replenish when blood and oxygen can flow through it as usual. In Shaa Allah.

I am still coping with this post-surgery life, but my work doesn't stop when my ability to work does. I have a lot of assignments in due so I'm working on all of it from home. My friends and lecturers are very cooperative. They helped me to reschedule my quizzes, offered my private classes so that I can still catch up and update everything that is happening on campus via WhatsApp. I can't thank them enough for being understanding.

I have also received a lot of support and stories from other women as well. Some of them had the same case as mine and even worse- one had to remove her uterus. Suddenly, I felt very fortunate and grateful for the second chance that Allah has given me, and that He has easen everything for me. Alhamdulillah.

For those of you who may be going through a hard time, do put your utmost faith in Allah. There is no other greater help that one can give other than His blessings and mercy alone.

"So verily, with the hardship, there is relief,
Verily, with the hardship, there is relief"

Be strong. We love you, I love you. Have faith!


Sunday, 13 May 2018

Blank Screen

you never touch me 
i could feel your warm palms long holding my shoulder
and your fingertips sketching a map 
on my back 
when i was in a deep sleep with a grip on the blank screen that you can’t easily fit your hands in 

i wake up lost,
running around and overthink
probably that is why you 
draw it behind instead,
so i can never read,
like you never left me on,
i can never find you.

you never know my address
but somehow a couple of days 
later you would unlock the door
and lighting the living room with your jokes that you regard as an apology
but it isn’t- 
i have forgiven you. 

that is why i jumped from
inferences and reasons when 
you are about to close with a conclusion after you have taken
your midnight shower
i can no longer afford to wake up
to an empty bed-

and a blank screen.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Last Week Of 17

I never thought that this turbulence would end this fast. I've been adapting to life transition like a storm and I'm still trying to cope with it. I've also been sick for the past month, I have not been eating prosperously as everyone knows how I should be because I will end up vomiting and sacrificing both my mother and my night's sleep, hence I opted to have a porridge diet instead. It was plain and empty like how my life has always been but it was definitely better than losing my sleep and need to function for an 8am class the next morning. Hella, that is more painful.

Being 17 sure is sweet, but is also full of ups and downs like a see-saw. I am a person that is particular about birthdays, not only mine but also the people around me. I remembered that day, no one wished me at all. I was clearly sad, I mean, none of my friends wished me, and also not even my family members. I didn't go for the Physics evening class since it was optional and I wanted to revise Addmaths instead at the library. After dinner, Hannah stopped me from getting up from my chair. "Pn. Norsaidah asked me to send a message to you for not coming". I was speechless. She was one of the strictest teachers in college, and her sending a message to me was not a good sign. Suddenly, I heard the whole dining hall singing the birthday song to me. Alahai.

However, that didn't stop there though. After prep, Mimi went to my room and asked me whether I was on my period or not because she found blood stains in the shower. This may be a dirty story to some but I believe that all of you are matured and open-minded audience and if you are new here, I was in an all-girls college for my whole secondary education and this is a normal discussion. Back to the story, apparently, Mimi and I shared the same shower. I was on my period, but I was also sure that I took a 360 round in the shower and made sure to clean up before I leave. I followed her to the toilet, but then I just realized something. is my birthday....and pranks usually be held at the toilet...I tried to run and escape but suddenly a few friends of mine came out of the blue and pushed me into the toilet. A bucket of food solution was thrown at me. Thank god they didn't put any dead insects or animals inside there. Thank god for the food solution too, at least they didn't hang my bed outside at the corridor or stain my bedsheet. Thank god for the food solution too, at least I don't have to do a quest to find all my stuff in the locker. They have been planning this a week before my birthday, probably right now at the canteen while I rushed to the toilet circa 2017. Belle and Elle faked a fight so that I could be on one side while the others were planning the birthday scheme. My friends are such geniuses.

My parents also planned a surprise birthday lunch at the canteen with my close friends. Great, first surprise birthday lunch was during Form 1, and my last was during Form 5. I also received a wish from my crush! Best feeling ever. #highschooldrama

A lot of things happened since then, it was rains and rainbows and back to rain again and then here comes the sun when I thought it will save me but then it burnt me and suddenly I feel that I need the rain again, but I believed that my blessed birthday made me strong enough to go through everything and got exactly what I wanted in life. A good result when I thought I would never make it, getting into my dream university close to home, a decent car named Polly that I can commute, well, she is no longer a car, she's my baby, and as a baby, she will have to go through scratches in order to grow up. She will learn from experiences like her mama. (just covering up for all my minor accidents). Good new coursemates and lecturers, and not to forget my good friends that have to keep up with me near or far, you know who you are. There were also people who left me throughout the year, I would like to thank you for all the memories and lessons. You can never make me hate you even when I try because to kill is only with kindness. Killing you is never my intention either, I hope only the best for you as long as you're doing something right.

Going into 18, I only hope nothing but to continue being blessed for the things that I have done, am doing and will do for the rest of the year and for the rest of my life. Maybe my new blessing will be finally... you?