Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Brb, sweeping dust from this page, phew phew (blows dust like blowing a birthday candle) 😅

Life has been very tiring for me lately,like,double homeworks than Form 4 like that weren't enough, classes every weekend and sleeping later than usual to make sure that I actually have time to indulge into a book before I end my day. It's getting worse since I literally drift off to sleep during each gap between classes and somhow I need to take mum's suggestion seriously on consuming multivitamins. My body is too fatigue to do anything.

A lot has been done before entering 2017 which is putting on braces, trying my best to workout often and stay awake after Subuh. I feel like I have all the time in the world to do anything rather than waking up at 11am.Oops, busted.

I don't have any good resolutions this year other than for a good health, better results in school and being more devoted to God. Allah, please guide me on each step that I take. Amin.

Wishing all of you only the best days to come!



We were nothing more
than Bonnie and Clyde
that even makes our
own lives collide 
with stung arguments 
now and then
I can't imagine 
imagining us
as James Dean
and Audrey Hepburn 
in a roofless car
sinking into the smell
of the salty sea,
exchanging wolfish
twinkles from
the lenses of our
and playfully let
the wind mess our hair.

My fear derives from
my naïveness 
because I don't know
what is under your 
leather jacket 
and it is a nature of
a Taurus to be unaware when
being taken advantage of,
but now
I don't mind crashing during
the ride and read false signs.

You seem like a sin,
tempting but forbidden,
but even an angel 
is bored by abiding the rules.

You are a traffic light,
stop at red or you'll be fined.
but life's a dizzy roller coaster 
and there's no better view 
waking up after a 
pixelated dream 
than a clear picture 
of your smile.

This is a tug-of-war
that I willingly let you push
me down and pull me 
back up countless times
the pain made me want to 
lick my wounds instead of
sticking bandages.
the scars,
the only pathway to 
trail my memories 
with you.

Don't break my reverie,
will you?
I just want to doze off
in this castle of clouds,
with you waiting at the
gates with a sleek navy blue
royal suit.

Love is uncertain,
but I don't need any guarantee
and answers,
as long as it's you.