Saturday, 19 March 2016

Diary 101:Nad

I suddenly searched myself on Google and found the blog that I treasured most which is Nad's blog.She last used it in 2012 but till then,it has been made to good use.There are not much memories on it but she picked the important ones and it couldn't matter more.It is like a friendly reminder for me on how we are still going strong after these years and I can't thank God more than ever.

Nad is the type of best friend that I can bust into her house anytime of the day and simply peek in her fridge and grab an ice cream,with permission ofc,but Cik Rus(Nad's mom) just loves me and gives me everything esp her signature murtabak(hint so you can cook often and invite me over).Both of us would sit at the dining table and start reminiscing + gossiping regarding our daily,and parts of our past that we refused to let go.Ironically,when we see each other,we would laugh and laugh and laugh even by not saying anything.Combination of both of us will defeat a crowd of people,trust me.

To Nad,you're such a loser but then I'll always be a bigger loser than you but I don't care.If you get married I'll blurt out your gangsterism acts during primary (and now,still) to your husband and everyone who attends.Mwahaha.

You're a good,no,best friend that I ever had.
On a side note,thank you,Je t'aime.


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Diary 101:Hey Maleen You So Fine

^ Goofy enough?

I'm having a test next week and I'm barely doing anything about it.Yes,I've been studying electives but hello what about my history and Islamic studies?I can't flop those two!And +Maths hAlp me.
I can't even do CTS even though being taught by various people from my batchmates to my other teachers..I don't want to make Encik Razif dissapointed,I really don't :(

What's up with March?Still not my birthday,still not my boyfriend's birthday since I don't have one,still not anyone special's birthday.....oh wait.2 weeks ago was Ell's birthday.Happy birthday!A birthday to sum up my month.What a loner I am.

Oh!I have recently watched Boboiboy The Movie and Kung Fu Panda 3!Both superb and double thumbs up for Boboiboy because seriously,it's full of emotions in one go and it's funny as hell.Hell.Kung Fu Panda 3 is also great but yknow,the Malaysian spirit beats all.Good job team!

Well,that's all for my boring life.See you when I have something more interesting to talk about!


Sunday, 6 March 2016


As I promised.

Aku tak pernah lupa.

Benar,kau mahukan
satu halaman penuh
bait gambaran 
tabiat baik burukmu
yang percayalah,
takkan ku cairkan satu pun
jirim-jirim negatif tepu yang 
terserap di liang roma 
kepada peluh-peluh positif
kerana pertamanya,
ia akan keluar juga bak hujan
mencurah-curah dari tubuhmu,
bagai alergi,
kerana itu bukan kamu.

Pegang pesanku dengan kejap
dan biar ia terus merayap dalam
kotak kenangan
biar ia makin mekar dalam

Lontarkan kusutmu
semana mampu
selama perlu 
walau soalmu bagai tali
diikat mati 
pasti ada jawapan yang 
sedia terhidang
cuma perlu pasti
yang mana satu,
seperti mengagak
coklat dan kismis
dalam pastri kegemaranmu,
dan para cendekiawan
mahupun pejalan kaki
yang menidakkan 
senyum lalu jalan
penuh hormat,
teruskan saja cari 
sehingga kau temu noktah 
selepas tanda soal.

Salam ulangtahun buat
susuk tubuh yang teliti
mendengar perihku
dalam pekat malam
dan memberi padangan
dalam dimensi penuh
yang tak pernah ku toleh.

Semoga Tuhan merahmati.