Monday, 30 November 2015

Diary 101:Mak Teh's Wedding

I can't say that last week was hectic bcs the only hectic thing that happened last week was three days before the wedding and the wedding day of my aunt whom I call Mak Teh and her 'Perfect 10' husband,Pak Teh.

The preparations for the wedding wasn't much but still,in our humble home a lot of 'clearance' has to be done,ie,placing the magnific dining table for 6 and our just bought leather sofa  at the porch so we can put our doorgifts and let the guests have a rest after their meals since we are putting the 'pelamin' at the living room.All I did was vacuuming the whole house,abandoned the mopping part  and watch Lady Boss at Astro Citra until late evening.I am such a disaster if you are looking for a Gadis Melayu type since I'm at level 0 for cooking,but you can count on me on washing the dishes and keeping the house clean because I'll just throw away whatever that you don't use.Really.Okay guys you can jot down those points in your diaries and make up your minds because I only have two years left before opening up for engagement matters and weddings.Not.

One day before the wedding,all the girls in the family(except me) were sewing beads on their headscarves,altering their overlonged dresses and such so that they will look good on the next day.Me?I just coloured my nails with Henna because I dislike beads on my headscarf and my skirt was just nice with my height.

                                                     I 'm wearing Henna Ratu by D'Herbs

Mum put them on for me.It was beautiful before my cousin Sara accidentally pushed me and smudged my right thumb :( Nonetheless,it was dry quick in just 15 minutes and the colour was dark red,on par with my expectation.I used to wear henna from the Middle East and the result was practically similar so I'm good with this one.Please be grateful Dato' Aliff Syukri bcs I'm not suing you since this went right.Grab them for RM10 only girls!

Finally,the day came!I was dolled up by Mum since everyone did.I wanted to wear a shade of lipstick but it was a total failure since I accidentally smudged my own mouth.Sigh.I need to watch more Youtube videos on donning make-up on my own round face.
Taraa!Not-so-simple Merls.

I forgot to take a footage of the whole crowd during the wedding but all that I can say is the food from Masmida Catering is superb as hell,like literally everything from the main dishes to the desserts and snacks at their Coffee Corner.Their workers are super nice too and good at handling emergencies,for example,fixing the Coffee Corner's canopy that  collapsed during the heavy rain.They are based in Klang,so do contact them for your future weddings and parties,also don't forget to request for their special Rendang Daging Palembang and Sambal Tempe too!

To the newlyweds,I just hope for the best from both of you and do live a happy life alongside each other and have a baby soon! (Don't forget to treat me things as well.Both of you are rich)

I'll be travelling to Kuching next week so stay tuned for the next awesome Travelgasm!

Oh,here's a few wedding shots hehe :)

                                                               #merlsxnazri ftw 
esFinally!A decent family photo.Still incomplete without my grandparents :( [No they're not gone they were just chatting with our relatives outside]


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Diary 101:Home.

It's 1/6 weeks of school break and can't have any less.I still contact with my best friends from college,yes,we're so attached like that and I have been brainstorming a lot for my upcoming projects.For instance,making myself disciplined to write a poem a day for my book(I hope) and making my dream business that is collaborated with my friends come true.My aunt is having her wedding reception this Sunday so I can't go out and about,but do stay tuned for Travelgasms bcs when this is over,I'm going to be super wild and go wherever I like,with my mom ;) I'm still too young to roam about without my parents' supervision,or am I? ;) ;) double wink there.

If you're wondering why there's no more poems updated here,it's because I need to save some for my book later on.It'll be very unshocking if all of you have read all the contents of the book aite?Save the best for the last extravaganza amigos! *crashes the alpaca pinata and Cadbury chocolates boasted out from its stomach*

I would really like to drop a decent selfie from Auntie Yazelin's lovely office here but sadly my Hotspot isn't helping :( Maybe the Internet rejects my disgraced face :(

Have a good day and beyond,everyone!


Monday, 16 November 2015

Diary 101:Resultzee Resultzee

Today is the day where all PT3 candidates check the teachers' marking to ensure that no errors happen when they print the slips.Ok cool.

I can say that I finally get my target which is 8As.Yeah,not your typical straight As galore but it's okay bcs mum was cool and she was far more excited for our Kuching trip,theater evening and the next semester.Wow that escalated quickly phew.She said she was quite happy with it so triple quadruple phew for that.Thank you ma you're dabomb 💖

I was really positive with my results until my best friend got Straight As."Be happy Merls,stay happy!" I remained smiling until she asked another friend of mine regarding her results.You definitely can predict what happened. "Positive vibes come back!Don't go!Heyyy!" (Me,chasing positive vibes from running away in my head).

Now I understand why Mum wanted me to work hard for this.She knew what will happen if I cannot achieve the goals that people did.I can feel the pressure now.I am starting to doubt myself even more.This is painful.It is.

Suddenly I remembered that whatever happens for a reason and Allah had done the best that He can offer to me,my worries were wiped out.I accumulated all my feelings and whispered, "حمدن وشكران على يا ربي" in my Sujud Syukur.I am grateful for this,Allah.I totally am,thank you.You even gave me a solid A for Science that I never get a taste of it since Mid-Year.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.

To all of you who are feeling down,it's alright.The slip is only a crappy A4 Paper anyway so you don't need to bother.Kidding.Hey,academics is just a platform for you to be successful but there's so many other EQ and SQ platforms that you don't discover in yourself yet that can take you even further than your results can take you.I'm not saying that you don't have to study at all.There's a motivator that came to college once said, "Academics doesn't guarantee your success in the future but most people who are successful in academics are successful in the future".Get what I mean?
Just take this,why stick to a one-way train when you can hop into another?Explore,absorb every bits of everything and In Shaa Allah you'll be fine.

Oh,I celebrated my results with five roti hotdogs,nasi tomato and a Choco Magma from dining hall.Hehe.

Congratulations to all candidates,mission accomplished.👏🏻👏🏻


Friday, 13 November 2015

Jim Jams:Made In The A.M.

One Direction's fifth album just recently dropped yesterday which is the same as Justin Bieber's Purpose album but let's hold about that guy first and talk about my favourite band.Mwehe.I'm not being buyers okay I'll only talk about the people and things that I love most first before anything else.Yes Lou,I love you too.

As this is the first album after Zayn Malik left,I am certain that they definitely sound better without him.I don't say that Zayn is a bad singer,in fact,he's amazing,but they still sound the same and bombastic even after he left.

There are 17 tracks in this album and I cannot choose which sounds best and worse because all of them have different feels from one another.The lyrics are written maturely which shows that they had moved on from the hippy jumping-here-and-there and party-all-night moods.

This album is a solid proof that One Direction is surely going strong and we're hoping for more to come after their one year break,I'm praying hard that they don't break,if you know what I mean.

This album is now available on iTunes and stores worldwide,do get the hype now!As for me,I downloaded the whole album on Joox for free.Oops,secret revealed.Hey,it's still a form of support aite?

As usual,check out Maleen's Fav Checklist down below to see my favourites from this album:

1.If I Could Fly
2.I Want To Write You A Song
3.Love You Goodbye
6.Infinity,of course,duh.

What are you even waiting for!Listen to them all day,starting today!

One Direction's Favourite Fangirl Forever,
zeee M.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Diary 101:The Type

I've been watching a lot of Spoken Word Poetry since yesterday because Bart Baker and Twaimz don't entertain me anymore and I think it's time for me to get out of my comfort zone and show up at Merdekarya or any poetry reading sessions with an introduction saying, "Hi,I'm Maleen and I am sensitive so don't try to hurt me or all my poems for this month will be about you".Taylor Swift much?I can be waaaaay lot more worse than her.

I stumbled into a poem from Sarah Kay which is The Type.Sarah Kay has been my favorite since When Love Arrives that she performed with Phil Kaye since forever.I can list down my favorite pieces later for you to check it out and get the feels.Really feel.

Back to The Type,she said she was inspired from a line of poem.I can't recall what the poet's name was but the line was like,"Everyone needs a place.It shouldn't be inside of someone else".It rang the bells in my head and refreshed memories.When I was young,I used to have issues with friends and was very afraid to not walk around with people and made enemies as well due to my circle of friends back then.As I grow older,the society now is more open-minded and accepted the concept that being alone is definitely okay and it is not because that you are weird or something.Don't wait for someone to rush and grab the First Aid Kit,instead bandage the wounds with your own bare hands and stand up again and again.It is never about fall seven times and stand up eight,but fall once and stand immediately.Don't ever let someone else to become your saviour because the wait hurts you even more.Be independant.You are the captain of your own mind,body and soul.Make desicions that won't betray you and leave everything that doesn't carve a smile.

To really understand what I mean,do watch The Type by Sarah Kay by clicking this link .Also,here's my favourite poems list!

1.When Love Arrives -Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye
2.Montauk -Sarah Kay
3.Sabrina Bramein-Explaining Depression to my Mum
4.Repetition -Phil Kaye
5.If I should have a daughter -Sarah Kay
6.Private Parts -Sarah Kay
7.Postcards -Sarah Kay
8.OCD -Neil Hilborn

That's all for now!If you loved them,do subscribe to Button Poetry on Youtube as they update poetry daily from your favourite poets!


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Don't Worry

Don't worry.
I'll always have you and you'll always
have me.

My eyes get watery as you said these lines,
everytime,suprisingly you never caught me.
But it's true,I don't worry much anymore,
because you're always here,don't you?