Thursday, 28 July 2016

Diary 101:The Story Goes To School

           As a new volunteer journalist for Generasi Bersatu Malaysia,I did an honest POV regarding The Story Goes To School event at my own college yaw.It's up now on the blog site and the UPSR KSSR app,it should be beeping at all your devices now if you have it 😁

          Enjoy my first debut in GBM and expect more works for me uploaded there!

          Watch all The Story from iconic leaders at
           On Youtube,just search the account name Asyraf Khalid and you can watch all the episodes.

           Blog link :!THE-STORY-GOES-TO-SCHOOL-Tunku-Kursiah-College/zlpu0/5799b6ae0cf27547c72b3479

          Instagram : thestoryGBM

       Enjoy and keep on supporting the movements for the empowerment of youth in Malaysia. ❤️


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Diary 101 : Beauty and Hair Tips Please!

I have time to blog.I have time to blog.I have time to blog.I have time to blog.I have time to blog.

    I urgently need everyone's help on my face and hair which is one of the main reasons I don't apply any make up on my face except for CC cream and compact powder,both only from Maybelline and I decided that I do want to change that,or at least to fix the little things up.

    I used to wear Tia Amelia's krim kunyit product on my face but since I found a pack of Korean Mask at Guardian for additional protection and enhancement,it has been my saviour since I finished the cream.Mind you,I don't use any cleanser because it will irritate my skin and I do have a habit of going to the spa for facial maybe...every 3 months?Whenever I'm free.

  I  have dry lips,nasty pores and blackheads,dry skin and beauty products easily irritate me.I think my skin is sensitive at some sort.My hair is frizzy,dry and damaged.What a combo.

  For my hair,I am currently using L'Oreal Elseeve 6 Nourishing Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and it really smoothens my hair a bit better compared to when I used Safi Shayla.I don't have any idea what to do with it anymore because I think I need additional treatments but I don't know which. (Look how I repeat 'I think' in every paragraph).

  So,I have a plan in my head to raid Sephora Malaysia when I get home but I don't know what to buy!Besides,I'm looking for treatment products so I don't know who to ask since my friends are more likely to buy make-up from the huge-store-that-I-don't-know-what-to-do-inside-but-I-know-it-will-help-me-big-time.

  Any suggestions,beauty lovers?Do reach me please!


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Diary 101:Never Be Alone

           I am very sentimental by the songs that I listen to.Right now,I'm listening to Shawn Mendes's Never Be Alone because I feel very lonely and empty on the inside.I should be studying but I can't focus,well,that's usual for you people to stumble upon my miserable blog that shows how messed up my life is.Not really,but keeping things in tact are hard.Very,very hard.

           Songs play a big role in determining your emotions.When you listen to a sad song like Adele's,you'll go all sappy and crying and screaming like you have been through a thousand breakups.Meanwhile,if you hear party hits and remixes like DNCE(they are my current favourite),you'll jump around and put your hands in the air and go all drunk even when you don't drink,or it is just me.That's why I keep both genres for my future car,I started buying CDs since last year and mum didn't mind and jammed along to One Direction.Goodness gracious she's not the type of not updated mum so I can cooperate a lot of things with her from music to fashion sense although I have trust issues with her sometimes.

           I love to separate songs by their category.Malay songs and English songs have their own playlist and I will usually download the whole album of my favourite artists.Currently,I have Yuna's Chapters,Alessia Cara's Know-It-All,Fynn Jamal's Puisi Tepi Jalan,One Direction's Four and Made In The AM and all The Best of The Cranberries and Bruno Mars.Not to forget Little Big Town although I only love Pain Killer and Crush from the album.I don't like to put them under one playlist because it will be hard for me to search for the songs that I like.I also some K-Pop songs which is obviously from Big Bang but I just stuff them in the English Songs playlist since they are not abundant.All of these are in my JOOX.My Mp3 will forever be messed up since I don't know how to clear them up but I do remember where is the song whether it is between the playlist,the front or at the end.I have a good memory regarding these things but not Biology.Whyyyyy 😖

           I would also like to make a big announcement here (although I am not that famous but do I care I know my kind readers will do me good I love you all).I have a Snapchat!Do follow my Snapchat account @maleenbalqish to see my everyday goofiness and I will also do random vlogs by Snaps when I'm home since I am too lazy to upload a long-length video on Youtube but I miss to talk infront of the camera with you guys!Feels good to be back on set wacey.

          What does your playlist looks like and what does it consist of?Comment down below if you feel like to and I will reply to you guys!Love to hear two cents from all of you since I have been talking alone for quite sometime now here.Get out from the shadows guys,I'm not a werewolf pfft.All of you know how to reach me,and I will forever be available.

          That's all for now.Gotta hit the books although it's like...a half an hour left?Whatever.



Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Diary 101:Smanchy Raya

                   Heyyo guys!I don't have the right time and the finest equipments + lens to babble on Youtube although I miss myself making vids but here goes some of the things that I bought for an A-class Raya.It may not be luxurious enough but the little things that make you happy,yknow?

1. Jelly Bunny Handbag and Purse

       I posted these babies on Snapchat a few days back and got a compliment from Chens which is v v hard actually haha.Imagine getting both of these for RM184 only homagad.Plus,JB is having a storewide sale,half price for everything!


Loving the compartments in it!This handbag can also be largen up to stuff all my things since I ,like,um,bring everything along?Yep.

Plus point,this purse also serves as a clutch and I loooooove wide openings.Makes life much more easier to grab cash/membership cards.

2.O.W.L. glasses

I have serious short-sightness issues.My power is 6.50 and I am a photophobic.Photophobic is a situation where my retina is not flexible,it won't shrink when moving to a bright place which causes excessive light to enter the eyes and worsen my astigmatism and causes headaches when seeing light,anywhere even during the day.O.W.L. has the best range of frames and the price is hella cheap.The price that you see tagged on the frames are inclusive of your lense,no matter how much your power is.You can top up for Blu Ray lense and such from RM99 and RM199.My glasses cost me about RM400+ because I need thinner lenses and Blu Ray.Usually it would cost me RM600 at other optic stores so if you have any problem with your eyes,do get them solved at O.W.L. ! Their opticians are friendly and helpful too.

There you go.How do I look?

I have a lot more things to show like my new Vincci platforms but I don't know where Mum store it sigh.Well,let's just say this year's Raya gonna be lit 🌋 

Got photos from yesterday's iftar with both mum and dad.This is our first Iftar together as a family because dad has been busy working on his project for the past few weeks and didn't have time to see me at college :( Thank god mum put up this iftar idea for all of us.Enjoy!

This is hella funny gotta put this everywhere.

That's a wrap up for this year's Ramadhan.Happy whacking the Rendang and save up some lodeh for me,N9 folks!Salam Aidilfitri to all of you lovelies!