Thursday, 25 August 2016

Shifty Shifts

             Who's done with the exams?MEEEEEEEE!!! *jumps in the air with rainbows*
      No more 2am sleeps for me yas.

             Anyways,I got an announcement to make.I'm going to reactivate my Tumblr specifically for my poems and my travel photos or legitly any photo that I want to share because iOS being such a *curse* again and doesn't have any suitable app to upload photos on Blogger.The link for my Tumblr is  .Mind to follow for any latest updates from me there as well!

            Haih,I just wanna go home.


Monday, 15 August 2016

Thursday, 11 August 2016

A Little Rant

         I just came back from a school camp at BTN Kuarters KLIA that was just 15 mins away with a sore pair of shoulders and hips.I was grateful that I wasn't injured like a few of my friends( a lot actually) because of touch rugby.Well,I was more of an observer and always will.Hehe.

         I don't know what to call this post but I would like to rant about myself that's basically transitioning from being a teenager to an adult in 2 years' time and I think what I thought I would be right now 4 years ago is totally different.Not drifting apart,it was unexpected.

         I am not living the 'Regina George' life that everyone in primary school including myself expected me to,I am not the hottest girl that every football/rugby/athlete boys run for,my grades are hanging on the bar,waiting to leap forward or backwards and I don't even know what I want to be.All I am certain is that my eating habits won't change,period.

        I'm starting to be matured of handling personal issues and all of my enthusiasm and monkey love days are completely over.I left all of that on my 15th birthday.It may sounds like I'm not having fun with my life,not going to lit parties or anything but I'm being more sane and logical of my behaviour and desicions.Being hyper at 16 is everyone's dream but let all the fun aside,there are more things to priortize.More people to be appreciated.More challenges to encounter.I may be such a bad friend because I frequently say that I wanted to join my friends for hangouts and back out a few minutes later but I constantly remind myself that I have a single 14(shift those numbers please) year old mother that only knows what fun means when I'm home,and I've started to realize that I'm happier being with my mother that any other person in the world.Kissing each other's cheek at the escalator and she will always say the sincerest  'I love you'.Feeling very sappy right now,thank god I'm going home tomorrow.

        Speaking of my perspective of love,I rather wait for it to come.I do have someone special in mind but love will come to you after all,isn't it?I don't know,really.Things may happen.I let it happen with full consent.I'm tired of planning.I'll just sit in the tube in this river and follow the flow wherever it may go,in life too.

        I have said enough and I have promised you a make-up haul right?Do keep an eye on my Snapchat ok!Don't miss anything for the next 72 hours!


Friday, 5 August 2016

Love is.

Joke on me,
because I love you so much
that I let myself drown in
the glass of mocktail
that you share with her
on a scorching Sunday
locking myself in the cubes
of ice and melt away with the
heat as the conversation
sparks like firecrackers 
but it was bliss,
it's either I get to swim
in the river of your veins
occupying the banks
of your heart
or reside in the strains of 
her eyes that you wish
to wake up every
sunrise to.
Either way,
I will be deeply loved by you,
in the disguise of someone 
else's cresent smile.

Road To Being The Girl That You Regret Not Dating With

         New look,new blog,new me!Sorry for dropping the tags before the title before finally Anissu helped me to edit my blog!Yayerz!It's so Vivy-ish and it's okay because it's Anissu and it's Vivy.Love both of you!💓

         I don't know if I had an accident by accident but I suddenly wanted to learn basic make-up.Downloaded the simplest make-up tutorial ever by Grace and Grace on Youtube and I'm planning to go on a little haul at Sephora and drugstores to find the right lipstick,mascara,foundations and concealer.No offense to Malaysian Youtubers but the base is too complicated for me as a newbie but they're still my ultimate gurus when it comes to hijab styling.I'm also figuring out to improve a few other aspects of myself but one baby step at a time 😄 I'll upload a lot of my daily activities so make sure you follow me there to see what I got! 👻 : maleenbalqish .I'm sooooo obsessed with it right now because I can spam all I want,anytime! Hehe.Everything bts will be there fo sure.

          You'll hear more from me,just stay tuned!Let's just hope that my attempts make a huge success.Amin!

(Controversial title indeed but that's legitly my motivation.Slaying all the way)