Friday, 22 January 2016

Travelgasm:Kuching,Sarawak Day Finale

Admit it,no one will ever mention me on Twitter and give me a Chemistry joke because I'm not that popular and maybe you just don't have that humour to do so.Either way,look what's in store?

Jong's Crocodile Faarm!

I am not kidding that this farm is super scary because it has approximately 1500 crocodiles in it and the may stay stationary like a statue and suddenly jump into the pond/lake/water spontaneously without a slight warning.The fees are RM12 for Sarawakians and RM22 for non-Sarawakians,regardless you are a Malaysian citizen with a blue identification card.The racism is tense here.Oh,and it is not in Kuching but a 2 hours drive from the city center.Don't ever follow Google Map that states the address in Kuching because we ended up at Sports Toto asking why the hell do crocodiles live in a building.Believe me,they don't.

It was feeding time when we came in,so we went to the place where the feeding is ongoing.It is not a show so don't expect any friendly zookeeper will ask you to scream HELLO CROCODILE with fireworks or something.It's literally you watching the crocodiles eat and they will reply your awkward stare with a whatchu-lookin-at-you-got-kfc look.

                                           Full of crocodiles.

A crocodile head and donations from tourists to help the crocodiles to live.Those RM1s can be used for my laundry to the extend of half a year fgs.

There are also some historical books at the souvenir counter that you would like to look at them.There is one book telling stories of crocodile attacks in Sarawak and the beliefs of crocodile in races.It is interesting,go get your brain stuffed.

After this brief trip to Jong's Crocodile Farm,we went to the chain of Sarawak Museum.It has a very nice view but at that time,only one museum is open and there is not much to explore because it's just some typical general knowledge of Sarawak and the culture that you can even obtain more at SCV,but do give it a shot for nice pictures.

Do ignore ALL of my awkward poses but enjoy the scenery!

Mind you that this will be the last post for Kuching so I will cramp two days straight in here.The next day,we went to Pasar Serikin.

Pasar Serikin is located at Serikin near Bau and it is a 30-45 minutes drive from Kuching if I'm not mistaken,or it's just Mom because her casual drive is 140km/h.This market dissapoints me because I found that most of the sellers were Indonesians so I felt trapped in the Bandung-ish hustle and bustle and the super hot weather when I was wearing 80% black.Price-wise,it is slightly cheaper than the other markets in town.For a better bargain,do come when they are closing on Sunday afternoon.I got three dreamcatcher keychain for RM10 and the biggest one is RM20.Sheesh why I didn't buy the big one.What else do we have here?Fresh Care!

Fresh Care is an Indonesian ointment like Minyak Cap Kapak but it has a soothing scent.Preferred scent is Lavender but Sandal Wood is nice too.

The canopies are Pasar Serikin.We parked at someone's house that time and was charged for RM4/unlimited time.

On the way back to Kuching,we stumbled up a signboard pointing out the Blue Lake.It is really beautiful but don't ever try to dip or hands/feet in it our wash your face because the water has high toxicity and only some species of fish lives there.
Finally some fresh air.

At night,I went to Waterfront to experience nightlife and no doubt,Kuching is an owl because the town lits up with lights and scattered people at night.There are a lot of street foods and scenery that you can find at the waterfront or just take a walk.There was a man wearing the Iban costume playing the sitar,but I didn't have a chance to take a picture of him since...I forgot.Hehe.

By ending our last night in waterfront,it's time to pack our bags and head West where Selangor belongs.Once a Selangorian,always a Selangorian.Thank you so much Kuching for a pleasant stay and I'll definitely would like to tour the other cities in Sarawak such as Miri next time.

I'm currently planning my next Travelgasm in March.Where?
Only Mom knows.


Diary 101:Farewell January

It's the midnight of 22nd January.Finally I am home with my favourite kaftan on and sadly I am down with a flu :( but no worries,as soon as I get to watch Dilwale tomorrow,I'll be jolly like Christmas in Thaipusam and Hari Raya in Ramadhan #festiveseasons

I have lots of homework to settle and exams' coming up next week on Bio,Chem,Islamic Studies and History (again because our grades suck) and to all young readers,don't ever dream to grow up.You have a big responsibility to carry as soon as you're in upper form.I regret praying to grow up fast during my junior years and look what a mess I am now.Assignments every single day and presentations during classes are a routine that I most hate.On the bright side,I am now best friends with Addmaths!It's really fun because I loved Calculus since Form 2 and Modmaths can be our sidekick.Physics is my enemy while I have long lasting love-hate relationship with Chemistry but Biology is cool.Whoever drops Biology is a waste because it is a process of knowing yourself and everything that you are made of.

Regarding my writing passion,I have just submitted my poems to If Walls Could Talk to be inserted in their next KL Spoken Word Anthology.I hope that this will also break like Hundred Hundred and may be even better with their keen followers on social media. Hail Twitter.

I think that's all to summarize my kick start of 2016 and I am hardly praying to God that everything will become better each day,for example,no teacher gives me homework.Amin.

p/s:Want me to update on Kuching?Mention me on Twitter @maleenbalqish and give me a Chemistry joke.Benefits both parties.


Monday, 4 January 2016

Diary 101:Episode 1 Season 4

The first day of my fourth year in college is so foreign.New academic block,new teachers and new classmates that were never in the same class as mine.I have noticed that I am starting to become an introvert after a month plus at home and not really went out with anybody.I feel awkward and lifeless.My only resolution for 2k16 is only to make my parents and teacher proud,since the only reason why I'm still here and taking science stream is because of their convinces and the look in their eyes that really hope that I will succeed.

I am really fcked up right now because I have a strong change of heart in something important,really really important and I don't know who to turn to because I have a strong feeling that this may dissapoint especially my teacher and I don't want to make him sad and my parents,too.Maybe this is peer pressure and teenage crisis kind of thing but it is really bugging me and ruined my mood in everything.Tbh again,I am tired having sleepless and crying nights.Well,at least you're here Blogger.

My start of 2k16 isn't that well,but you know,things will eventually get better anyhow.Wounds heal.