Monday, 18 April 2016

Diary 101:Manja

I am really manja.

Nothing popped out on my mind to translate this familiar Malay word because rephrasing it ' spoiled' would be too harsh because we are independant but have too much affection.

Being the only child in the family,I am reaaaaaaly overly attached to my parents especially my mum.Both single,we sleep in the same bedroom,hang out literally all the time together and yep everything what mother daughters do.I am never shy of showing my affection towards her,like,hugging her while queueing up for a Sundae cone at McDonald's ,kissing her at the cheek out of the blue and hold hands with her along the walkway to the extend that I feel that it's boring to go out with my boyfriend(when I still had one) because I can't even touch his skin.Haraaaaam sisturz.Which also explains why I broke up and remain single.Which sounds weird.Which is not.

My dad still treats me like a baby.Sometimes it's annoying but while in the process of growing up,I tend to understand that I am his only princess and not denying the truth,the most precious gem that he has aside of his luxury cars that can cost my lifetime lunches.Ok on this part,I actually got angry at him as he bought them recklessly but when it comes to changing my deteorating phone that doesn't even have a front camera,he pulls his face.Yeah do that again,dad. *smashes car mirror* Do that again. *steering lock swinging from my hands* #bratproblems #notreally #iwontdothatimtooangelic #angelfromhell

That doesn't mean I am dependant.I wash my own clothes with the washing machine (who even uses handwash nowadays),iron them with the energy from my toned arms,brave enough to roam at a mall alone and sort what i want to buy,asking people if I don't know anything and....cook!Frozen foods....
It's still counted as a skill,ok.All you women with such soft hands can't even boil water.Hmph. *gets back to chopping the onion with the help of Mak Wan* The kitchen is really a WWE battle for me and mum,srsly.

My actual main point is,being manja is not a potrayal of being weak.Manja is a type of attitude where you are full of affection towards the people around you and likes the company or should I say,a little bit clingy but that doesn't mean that we can't do things on our own.All of us must have at least someone that we're attached to share everything in our life and in my case,two :))
Iron ladies won't achieve anything without backbones.A fact.

Standing up for all manja babies,we're princesses of our own. #spreadthemanjavibe


Monday, 11 April 2016

Diary 101: A-what is it again April?

OMG I miss you I miss you I miss you! *kisses screen tons of times* Finally an ample time to blog!
I'm sorry for keep betraying all of you mischiveous readers,peeking in this virtual diary of mine,and got upset for no updates.I have been around the clock lately,no not really,I have a lot of photos to show but this iPad doesn't have the MOST BASIC FEATURE to upload photos from this device.Apple,I'm very very angry that I can eat thousands of apples in one go.Please laugh.

I am very happy to announce to the whole world that finally I got a role in English Drama this a maid...BUT it's more than enough after being rejected from yearly auditions for four years!(I was one of the scriptwriters and I purposely added the maid part to squeeze in.Hehe)It was a blast!I'll write a special blog post about this later with pictures in about...another fortnight?Oh you guys are used to waiting for me writing a post for weeks and months,what's another fortnight?Ain't a big thing *blows nails* *does mani-pedi with the new scholl applicator because I can*

As usual,I am still struggling and battling with a pile of books and I feel stressed out because there's loads to do and to revise but with little time.Mum keeps telling me about her best friend's son that got 2As during PT3 trials and struggled so hard until he achieved 10As in the real examinations and he still keeps that momentum with him.(Yes Iman,I'm talking about you).He leapt so far and I am waddling behind and I don't know what to do!Especially when Mum told me that he just recently attended MAC(Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang) at his school for his flying colours results,oh god I envy him!I wanted to ask him a few tips on how to do so but since I greeted him by saying 'Yo' and maybe he got a culture shock for such a brutal introduction (bcs saying or even typing 'Hello there' while blinking my eyes a few times with a attractive smile makes me wanna throw up!Ew!) and wasn't unsure if I am a girl or just covering my moustache under a dozen of layers of foundation.Excuse me,I approach everyone like that,even my ex-boyfriend,crush,prince charming,celebrity,the Prime Minister....ok I'll opt for saying hi,just being polite.So....he just replied 'hi?' still in shock with his mouth open *well that was I imagined* and didn't reply after that.That one time we met bcs we need to accompany our mums for a bowling match with their colleagues,he kept avoiding me even though I was excited to chat about the bombings in Turkey since I just knew about the news from Twitter and he's a debater so it will spice things up like a sparking firework but believe me,a heavy rain poured down and extinguished the sparks away. *sobs* such a challenge for a chatterbox like me.

I don't care if you are reading this or not Iman or any Imans around the globe,but I like to make friends nonetheless with guys or girls and maybe I am a bit too harsh on you and you are unfamiliar with girls that never braids her hair with ribbons during primary school,so I am sorry.I just thought that by befriending you,you can guide me towards becoming a better student to perform academically and besides,you are good in Addmaths!That's such a plus point!Yes,I have to admit I am very,very jealous of you getting good grades and all but that doesn't matter.I want to learn,and of course I have to learn from someone better/someone that's ahead of you in the fields that you're weak at.That is the only intention that I have.At least we can stop making our mums worry of us not even looking at each other,oh mums.I'm sorry too.

My rants on life really have to stop here before everyone throws up or goes to the bathroom to flush all the pizzas and chips while reading this whole post.Ooh yummy!

Let's just hope for April to flow well,end well and many months to come.

"Maleen,you are suspended for going home this weekend as a punishment for not switching off the fan last CNY break"

Thanks April,you just wasted my efforts on being positive and keep loving you.