Saturday, 29 August 2015

Foodgasm:Resort Seafood Steamboat Restaurant at RWG

I am really sleepy but since it's just an article left and it's about food,I proceed. *Aiming high*
Okay,as a hardcore seafood lover,I really enjoy this restaurant very much because the food such as the tiger prawns are fresh and they have big portions so it's worth the cash.What's interesting about this restaurant is they have 9-12 sauces altogether and your meal is incomplete without all of them.I forgot to check the rates but as far as I'm concerned,they are offering 20% discount for all Genting Rewards members since they just started operating since Raya.So,let's make all of your tummies hungry!

                                         The interior of the restaurant.
                                         The sauce station!It was right behind my table/
                                          Full set of sauces and you can't live without any of them.
                                          Bon apatite!
                                         Post bon apatite.
                                         The dessert is called Steamboat Ice Cream and you obviously can tell why from the container.The yogurt is below the fruits and it was soothing!
                                          Hi everyone!That's  me!The main point is,look for this sign board.It is at the Resort Hotel.

Finally,I am done! *grabbing my teddy bear and my pillow* I guarantee that you will be satisfied after eating this so what are you waiting for?Visit RWG now!


Travelgasm:Behind The Scene Tour and Superstars of Magic 4 at RWG

Hello everyone!Welcome to *drum rolls* the first slot of Travelgasm! *applause* I had a tiring day touring around at Resorts World Genting and I want to share the excitement with all of you!

Behind The Scenes Tour is something that everyone who comes to RWG should do because you will be taken into the other side of the resort that we haven't seen before besides the huge arcades and really fine dining experience.Yoy will be taken to 3 stations which is learning how do they set up the sound,lighting and screen system at Genting International Showroom (GICC),walk into the housekeeping department and witness how do they do their daily laundry (it's amazing I felt like I want to bring all their equipments home because I'm just that lazy) and prepare your own donut and bento lunch!Well,you guys know which station is my favourite ^_*

Member : RM25
Non-Member : RM28
now you know why you should sign up for the Genting Rewards Card.

This trip requires approximately 2 hours and the tour dates for these upcoming months are below:

August : 1,2,8,9,15,16,22,23,29,30,31
September : 5,6,12,13,19-27
October : 3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25,31
So plan wisely!
                                         Tony is giving us a quick briefing about the sound system

 See those pictures?Let me give you some educational input on Lighting For Dummies.
1)They have a main board and a sub board to control the lights.Sub boards are not necessary,according the engineer's own preference.
2)Those lights that are hanging on top of the stage is called wash lights.Wash lights project and adjust colourights to creat ambience for the venue.
3)They also have smoke machines and haze machines for extra effect,and they are not hazardous.
4)The lights' lives are about 700-800 hours and you can easily tell when they are weak by their dim lights.

                                         Meet the analog board.The buttons there are called channels and they have a lot of cables because each mic requires a channel.The digital board is simpler,but it is quite costly and available at the Arena Of Stars.For basic,the sound system consists of the board,mic and a consoler.If you don't take sound engineering just take this as a general knowledge because you may go nuts if you want to know the details,well that's what Tony said.
                                         This is the laundry department.The First World Hotel laundry bay is the largest laundry bay in Malaysia,so what's not to visit?
 The strong 'abangs' were unloading dirty linens and put them on the slide (I hope you understand what am I trying to say) Yup,the silver tube or something that goes up.
 It was transporting the dirty linens away!
 Those bags are full of dirty linen and they can occupy up to 55kg.I told Mama no one would notice if somebody died in there because they are going to shred the linens and stuff.OMG.
 Cute huge bags line-up.
 Fresh and new bedsheets!
 The washing machine.
 The washed linens are going inside the cool dryer.I think it's cool cs it makes job much more easier.I need to have one.
 Look!From those fluffy blankets into a cake mould in split seconds.This is a washed linen before drying.
 The worker is folding the towels.
 The worker is taking the bedsheets after reform
 These goes to them as well.
 They had to straighten the cake mould,shred them to the size that they want and the workers will collect and fold them like the previous photos.
 These are the smaller laundry,catering customers' and staffs' clothes.
 These are customers' clean clothes.
 These are for the staffs.

 Both of these machines can completely dry clothes,literally everything,in 20 seconds sharp.During the demo,the worker used a blazer and it was really dry.
 Yup,this is the blazer that I told you before.
 The beautiful housekeeping department.
 Donut making time! (I was very hungry)
 I really love this quote a lot.It inspires me deep inside ece.

Some fun facts about RWG.

Alright.Now let's move on to my favourite part of the tour,Superstars of Magic 4 woohoohoo!I'm not saying this because I'm their official blogger or something but they are really cool.An amusing line-up of famous magicians which are Shawn Farquhar,the unbeatable Magic Champion and the former president of the biggest magicians' organisation,Jay Mattioli from Britain's Got Talent,Joseph Gabriel who starred in his own broadway show,Ted Kim and One Gun from Korea and not to forget Jeff Lee from Taiwan.A remarkable experience indeed and the show is still on until 25th October 2015 at 8.00 p.m. everyday.


For members,you need 500RP to make the prices lesser.You may go straight away to Genting Box Office for assistance regarding the price after redeeming your points.Once again,that's why the Genting Rewards Card is essential in our lives.I can't  pictures here bcs everything is in my iPad but do check out Instagram by clicking the photo grid  above to see the faces of the magicians!I got to personally take pictures with them so why not make you jealous?
I can't upload the pict is in my iPad but you can check out my Instagram by cicking the photo grid above.

I am really sleepy but I have to get things done.Have a great Merdeka weekend errone!


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Diary 101:Inspiration

Hello people!Sorry for not updating my blog for so long,need to catch up on a few things.AND I AM SO STRESSED OUT AAAAAAAAA (George of The Jungle mood).
The Maybank Perdana Contest's closing date is soon and I DON't HAVE ANY IDEA FOR WHAT TO SUBMIT!Sorry because I shouted a lot in this post but this is quite,no,VERY serious matter to me.I wrote a few stories but my teacher a.k.a. my mentor or anything that is related to Simon Cowell Javanese version had been rejecting my work because he said it was too mainstream.I don't want to give up but the thing is,I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING IN MY MIND RIGHT NOW because maybe I'm too brainwashed by Malay dramas or something but still,this contest is really crucial to me and all I wanted is those cash.Yes,I sound greedy but who in this world doesn't want money?This is freaking me out because if I don't get any ideas until the day after long my dreams.This is killing me!

Any ideas?Please do share something with me if you are reading this!I truly need help!

Not just Xx but Xoxo,

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Diary 101:Negative Vibes

Recently,I stalked myself on Google and stumbled upon my old blog when I was a kid.I read them because I apparently don't remember that I didn't discard that blog,and of my posts were  about injustice,backstabber friends and such.I was the well-known girl at school because I can speak English fluently compared to others and I have a small circle of friends.Most students take me as an arrogant person because of those factors.😪

Even after I left school and enrolled to my current high school,(The 'school' that I told you was my elementary school),people especially my juniors  still text me nasty messages saying that people still hate me and such.People,pls I have exams to ace,a career to build,a talent to establish and you guys are still talking behind my back with your empty-glass heads.What about you guys go and join volunteer work,tournaments or something that has to do with building your own self-esteem and not ruining mine.

Sorry folks,I have been emotional.

Well,I think my type of negative vibes are not as horror as other people especially leaders on the top but our ability to handle all these stuffs are different because all of us has our own limits in receiving hatred.In order to overcome my negative vibes,I did a few things to simply make me happy and I hope these will make you smile too!

1)Surround yourself with the people that you love;or people that loves you.
This is the best treatment ever.Lately,I love to spend my time with my mother,not because we were not close,we always are in good terms but as I grow up,I tend to take her as my comfort zone.She would always be the one who supports me in anything that I do and she gives me the positive electrons to get rid the negative ones away.So,call your loved ones today and just be with them,in any way.

2)Make use of your interest.
Since I love writing very much,I started joining contests,try my luck to be published at newspapers and such.I struggled before I get to be an official blogger for Resorts World Genting and one of my poems is in #HundredHundred book by Englishjer that was exhibited at Publika the other day.If you love singing or anything,you can post YouTube covers or go to workshops to improve your skills.Express yourself in the way that you like.Who knows the talent that you have will give you luck.

I am a wanderlust and I like to go everywhere.Travel helps us to relax our minds and open our hearts and eyes to be better people.If you ever have those feelings,drive yourself or go out with the people that you love for a little adventure or even a 5-minute drive for McDonals is alright because it still needs travelling and you get to eat good food as well!Oh oh,good food also makes you happy in every way!

Don't ever take the negative vibes as an insult,but as a motivation to improve yourself.Do not take them seriously and never let them kill you.You are beautiful,and handsome(gender equality is essential) so why waste all that away?Get up,be happy and spread happiness today!




You are like a wrestler
Pushed me to the corner of the ring in total defeat
Choked my neck with your merciless  fingers
Kicked my head until it fell to the ground
Swung me like a merry go-round and slammed me to the other side recklessly

The audiences are glued to their seats
Watched like it was just a TV show for kids
Judging without investigating
Laughing on the dead soul
"Let her be",they said
"She deserved it"

A few of the guards came and lift my face on their laps
Shaking my shoulders,hoping that I will open my bruised eyes
I tried,I did
But the damage that you did,too much
I closed my eyes shut in catastrophe

How did you even dare to do this to me?
You were somehow the strength that blew in me
You made me keep punching that bag full of sand
You sped my legs to run miles that I couldn't imagine
You were there when I was broken
The audience were the witnesses of my bleeding scars
The guards knew my true colours
Simple,you are a traitor

Someday I will wake up from this madness
Wiping the blood that flows from my wrecked nose and pale lips
I will punch that bag full of sand
And crush you into pebbles of hatred

Wait,just wait.

Nur' Ain Maleen Balqish Salleh

Sent from my iPad

Truth from flowers

You always wanted to be a flower
The center of attention
The sweetest thing to be given
The one who needs good care
The saddest thing to let go

You felt dizzy as you thought
 “Should I be a rose,a morning glory or a lotus?”
You kept thinking about whose scent were the best,
Who blooms longer
 You never have a second to think about
 The issues beneath

  The rose is a traitor
   You are fascinated by its looks
  The flesh red petals posseses you
  As you want to embrace it
  It stabs your skin
  Pricks your fingers
  It will leave you dying
  Is that what you want to be?

  The morning glory is lonely 
  It rises and shines as the sun appears
  Being the heart of every garden
  It is praised as the most awaken creature
  As the clock strikes ten
  It will hide in its home again
  Wraps itself with a shrinken soul
  Is that what you want to be?
  The lotus has a short time
  Its roots sinks in water
  Its head floats on the shallow
  Then someone lifts it up
  As he admires the flower
 It whilters and dies
  Is that what you want to be?
 To die without any means?

  Be a cactus
  Stay stiff in the midst of the desert
 Survived years with hardship
 Be strong
 Embrace the insecurities
 Nothing is impossible for you to change 
 For the sake of you and humanity


Walk with me on the red carpet
Wear your best suit
The spotlight will focus on us two as we hold hands 
Show off our teeth as the DSLRs go flash
Blabber with a thick accent when the paparazzi storm us 

Swipe all awards
Everything’s yours
‘Best Actor’, ‘Best Villian’, ‘Best Supportive Actor’
Grab the gold ones
Our faces would be on The Daily Mail next morning

Let’s jog around Central Park after the debut
People with hood sweaters would greet us
“Hey,you’re the actors!”
“Oh my god,you’re so famous!”
Please smile after you hear that
You don’t get those compliments everyday

No matter how our mothers boast about their successful children
It doesn’t count on how many jobs that we get
They didn’t take a glance of our journey
On how we put our heads against the window when we failed our Maths test
The distance we ran from the burglars that wanted the cash we brought to celebrate my birthday party
We got expelled from school when we were 16 because of skipping classes
Worked at Auntie Mary’s pretzel bakery and threw flour to each other’s hair
How we started as trees for Pizza Hut’s charity play until we nailed hero and heroin to ourselves 
Yet,we still acted like we never do anything wrong
That’s why we are eligible enough to be actors
Lying to the society day and night
Fooling directors and crews
Covered our scenes with changing our hairstyle and make-up
Oh my,we sinned too much

What should we do next?
Life cycle was meant to be like that
When the director says ‘Action!’
Go and play some drama
Keep on acting,love
They won’t know as long as you replace your tears with a wide grin

Foodgasm and Travelgasm coming soon!

Hi everyone!Some of you has been stalking me for awhile now because the pageviews are rising each day and I have asked Blogger to not track my pageviews,well that is not really the issue since I checked my blog only from my dashboard most of the time.Good news;I unprivated my Instagram account yay!I have proves that I'm a human so what about a follow?😁
Anyways,if you have anything to ask just comment on my blogposts or do mention me:

Twitter/Instagram :@maleenbalqish or just add me in your Google+ Circles!

Great news again,other than Diary 101,I'll also have new slots which is Foodgasm and Travelgasm!Foodgasm is a slot for reviews on restaurants or cafes that I'm going to check out in the future while Travelgasm is for every place that I travel.I'm the official blogger for Resorts World Genting as well so if you would like to know what's going on,do check out this blog always 😁

Have a great day everyone! *Spreading happy vibes errday errtime*


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Diary 101:Get Well Soon

I am so hella busy with trials and most of the papers are killing me,but guess what?I have two papers left!Weehee!Okay,enough for introduction.

To my favourite guy,
I am hard to handle.My heart is like the sea,it may be calm and crystal clear at one moment and rough at another.I have been misunderstanding your behaviour and how insecure I am to see that you are talking to someone else,I thought that you would be fine without me.I want to reply to your messages but the Internet turns off everytime I get home from class.I am longing to have a conversation with you because I don't have to pretend to be everyone's dreamgirl and you would accept me even though I dress up as a trash can.I am sorry,I have been confused for awhile now.I want to have a deep talk with you face-to-face at a dessert cafe' but I am aware that you will not understand what am I trying to say.I was nurtured with love,I was raised with an ideology that love should be this and that,and when you didn't do that I don't feel loved at all.I'm sorry once again.

Do eat your meds and get over with your fever soon.
Je'taime et tu me manques!


Saturday, 15 August 2015

To:Eddie Sneak Peeks!!

Hi everyone!I'm on my way to finish my short story that was meant for the Maybank Perdana Essay which is To:Eddie.I won't post it here until the end of the competition but do stay tuned for sneak peeks!Wish me luck because I want the prize so bad 😭


Diary 101:Grow Up

Nah,you're not reading this.

You stalked my whole blog and you found out that I have a boyfriend.Your reaction was like this:

"U got bf😐!"
And you didn't reply any of my message after that.

I am confused whether you wife read it first and you read later or you wanted to ignore me.Are you sulking?You're heartless,where did you learn to sulk?You're not that busy to ignore Messenger,and to ignore me.Tell you what,people grow up,so do I,and your boys.If you're not sulking then thank goodness but if you do,read this carefully.

I'll always be your little brat.I'll always hit you when you say sarcastic stuffs about me.I'll always be the one that you call 'Dear' when you want to ask for a red pen(Am I the only one?).I'll always turn to you whenever I want to rant about things,I will listen to yours too.I will argue with you about everything but take your principles,opinions and advises seriously because in the end,you're always right.I won't say these right infront of you because it will break me into tears and my girl power image will dissapear like thin air.I will forever be the most unimportant thing of course,but,sigh.
Okay,I should stop.

On top of all these;I hate you.


Friday, 14 August 2015

"I haven’t seen you in a while,it’s apparently because we don’t live under the same sky.My heartwarming prayers are always with you along your journey."

                                                                                -To : Eddie

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

To My First Crush

How should I start?
'Dear' would be unpleasant
'To' would be too formal
Putting love after your name would make this paper burn because my boyfriend would notice it and throw it into ashes
Let me take a deep breathe.

I haven't seen you walking at the night market
Sushi searching at AEON
Eating the main dish;whatever they serve at the canteen
Your smirk when I arrive late for prep class
Your gaze,especially with that blue school uniform
Maybe it's because that we don't live in the same area
Enrolled at different schools
Part after elementary graduation,I didn't attend the last day,I was too lazy to get off bed,but I showed up during the annual ceremony
I missed every significant event, skipped every meaningful occasion, but I would never forget

I am still everything that you define me
Meticulous,weird,jolly,mischievious,frightening because I threw your eraser from the top floor during 5th grade
I never wanted to do that
How could I throw away my affection and erase your distractions
When I wanted to do was to draw my smile on your mind

We don't play with each other
You are from Mars and I am from Venus
My friends would force you to be my knight in shining armor when I played the damsil in distress
They would pull you away from me as I tried reaching for your hand
"No!She's my fiancée!" you screamt with your trembled lips
Then our worlds collide.
I am still your fiancée,if you ask
We just won't walk on the same aisle 

Years of our elementary school were spent mostly together
We were in the same circle of friends
Same class since the first hello until the last goodbye
Boys teased me to be their future bride
I can't still get rid of your well-combed hair
Your red face when you blush,or sunburnt
I still wait for you every single day after school,to walk together
'As mutual friends',to share rants with each other
Somehow I wonder
Why don't you notice that I never had any other?

When we part,I still ask news about you
They said you became more quiet
Isolated,maintaining the distance
On a second thought,maybe if I was there with you
You could talk more and we could take it serious

I am a fool.
I could never be the apple of your eye
The shore to your sea
The branch to your maple tree
Even if I list thousands of analogies here,
I won't still be the one.

We haven't met for 3 years now
After 30 years,if you ever appear,crying at daughter's wedding
I will stop stuffing my cheeks with fondue
Pull my hand from my guest's hands
I will comfort you at the corner of the hall,let you lend my shoulder
You are always welcome
Love is not a mistake,so do you
You'll always have a place in my heart
I hope I do too.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


It is irony when
Red roses  can  mend torn love ties
Yellow tulips can blow distant kisses
White heather lavenders can shield bad intentions
Blue iris' keeps a heart to continue beating
Purple asters prevent hope from drifting

While you can't even handle my fragile heart with care.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

11.29 p.m.


You texted me,for the 20th time.
You were sorry.
Repeated your vows.
To never turn my world upside down.

I am immune to your apologies.
Shield from your guarantees.
Vaccinated to prevent your sweet toothville from damaging my arranged smile.
I'm sorry,let's just say that this didn't work out.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I've seen the troubles in your eyes,
Jeopardy in your mind,
Havoc in your words,
Despair in your whispers.

You can unsolve the classic puzzles,
Highlight the correct word in the intersects of the crosses,
Calculate  the most accurate number in the Sudoku of confusion,
Relate every rhyme that you read before bedtime.

Let me help you.

You can patch the broken pieces together,Hannah Sofea.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Good Luck

Today is my oral test.I don't feel quite nervous but I'm afraid if my hands tremble when I meet the teachers later.At times like this,I miss my teacher.Before a tournament,he will stop me and tell me to take a deep breathe and imagine the judges were bunnies hopping around,and I did that.Even though he was not present,he would give me a text wishing me the best of luck.
It is depressing because he was transferred to another school,so it doesn't feel the same anymore when I go to my primary school because I used to go there to meet him,but,hm.Life.People come and go and leave memories that we can cherish for a lifetime.Wherever you are today,do pray for the best for me and I will always imagine them as bunnies 😅
Good luck to myself!

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Posting her picture on Instagram is a perfect gift for her birthday
A brief wish with party emojis would be nice for the caption
Anniversaries are meant to be forgotten,what is so important
Her stories are only good for listening,not responding
Just hang up if her interests are pathetically boring
When she said she's okay,of course she's okay
What's more to ask?
She needs her own space,so I let her 
Leave her hanging when she's not ready to spill 

No,that's not want she wants.

Appreciate her existence during her birthday,cherish her with memories as long as she lives
Tell her how much you love her since the day you lay your eyes on her
Laugh to her jokes,cry to her dilemmas
Girls lie;they will try to look strong,they need a pillar to lean on
Stay with her,encourage her to fly instead of letting her crawl in the dark
She doesn't ask much,she wants you to stay

Let her know that you love her from the dates.


"He doesn't love you,he doesn't love you"
"You don't mean the world to him,you don't mean the world to him"
"He won't notice,he won't notice"
"He will go,he will go"
"Look as he goes,look as he goes".

Saturday, 1 August 2015