Thursday, 30 July 2015

I Won't Forgive You

“I won’t forgive you.

For the nights you left me crying to sleep

I was just beside you,didn’t you hear me weeping

Didn’t you feel the staccatos of my breathe

Didn’t your heart skipped triple beats as mine deactivated

Weren’t your dreams kept telling you to open your eyes and be concious

Or you continued to sleep in the sake of “giving some space”?
I won’t forgive you.

For the vents you spit on my face

Calling me stupid,foolish and dumb

Yelling at me because you don’t think that I would compute your harsh words

Wear my shoes now and see how much can you cope

Dark depressions that I have to hide 

Wars that only I have to fight

This is never about how old you are and how young I am to understand the world.

Only us as sane individuals with emotions.

Or maybe your heart is made of stapled paper.
I won’t forgive you.

I won’t forgive your mindset of me being materialistic.

I am already poor.

Lack of care.

You can’t offer a hug to me,how I am supposed to ask for more?
I will always love you,
But I won’t forgive you.”