Monday, 5 September 2016

                Nothing's easy for me lately,but I got to sneak some time to go to the library and talk to you while listening to Ariana Grande.The duet with Nicki Minaj was slayyyyyyyyyy _______ (insert inappropiate exclaimations here on your own.Mom's reading).
               Exam's near,which is a month away.This is a major one since the results from my finals will be somehow used for university entrance and scholarships that I have to critically think in about,um,3 months?Omg am I that old already?It just felt like yesterday that I ran around the assembly square with my friends.I still run around too.Like,when I tease my friends and we will run around infront of the house.I like to stay up lately,randomly sitting at the bench while gossiping and talking about life.Staying up until 2am on Sunday night is a routine.
              I think I'm done updating that I'm still alive.In Shaa Allah,I'll be back with a nicer news later on!