Thursday, 27 April 2017

Editor for The NG Magazine

This is a very special day for me since I finally have the position as an editor at a new startup magazine, The NG Magazine! Now, double the work, double the fun! I need to work harder for a raise at The Affinity though, but no sweat! I'll be up there someday in Affinity too, I just need to climb the ladder a little higher. I'll ace this!


Sunday, 23 April 2017

                         "Penat la. I want to quit everything and be ordinary again"

  This is not the first time you tell me this. In fact, in most of our conversations lately, you would randomly complain to me about your workload. I am usually gonna send you an emoji or two and feel 'yep I've done enough' but tonight, when you broke down like that, I suddenly felt a pain aching in my heart and the stars witnessed my frown as I was about to cry, because it was really sad seeing your loved ones feeling negative on the extraordinary things he or she was doing, and he or she didn't enjoy it at all. The worse part is, I couldn't do anything for you, even now I'm on my break on a long weekend, I couldn't randomly send you stuffs or food to coax you to make you feel more comfortable  or just be there and listen to your stories and make hambar remarks but laughes anyway because it was too hambar it's unexplainable that there's no other suitable remark left. Worst, when you can drop everything and be there for me, physically or virtually when I need you the most when I have my emotional breakdowns and make me feel much much better and enlightened than before. Gosh, I am a bad person ☹️☹️☹️

I have already told you my two cents that may or may not uplift yourself because what am I compared to a wise person like you, but I hope that it will give you comfort in some ways. I know we' already had a silent agreement that there won't be any emoshit stuffs being said, but if you ever feel so low and think that you have nothing else to offer and do in this world, just so you know that you have a little princess that will always need you and run to you for everything and looks up to you more than any other famous scholars in the world. You have been her inspiration to move forward and stay strong despite the tide, so you should too.

I'll always have your back, promise!

Your Favourite Brat. 🙆🏻

Friday, 7 April 2017

Message from Wa

Dear Maleen,

      If one day, you achieved something good and people started to praise you, please please please remember to pray "Ya Allah, tundukkan aku, jangan sesekali Engkau jadikan aku hamba-Mu yang riak. Sesungguhnya rezeki ini tidak akan hadir tanpa izin-Mu."

                                                                                              Haha, tapi serious tau.
                                                                                                               Love, Wawa.