Thursday, 24 September 2015

Diary 101:Miss

This is very unusual,really.
I am fxcking used to be distant from him but suddenly I long for his presence.I just want him near me.All this while I thought that he is useless in my life and girl power possesses all but no,I can't be strong without him.He gave me this kind of energy that I couldn't have on my own.He is backbone and I am his.Guess that a relationship is not only about love,but being each other's support system,and mine is miles away.Come back.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


What is this feeling?

I feel sad but it's stuck at my throat,
i feel bad until it blocked my lungs,
i feel not appreciated even i couldn't whisper anything

Once again,what is this feeling?

Saturday, 19 September 2015


"I'm proud of you"
Only then I knew what adrenaline rush was all about
My fingers shiver as I tapped the emoji with a wide grin
Syringed with booster to express my revolution

I wanted to acknowledge you
You gained your senses and stuff sweetness on my eargasm

I scrolled down my wall
I saw a picture
In regret,I read the multiple comments as well

"I'm really proud of you"
You slapped me up from my deep paraphrenia
No matter how much I strive
How high I fly
How long I've gone
I won't be your favourite.

Monday, 14 September 2015


if o.k. was genuine
why did you wet up her shoulders until late at night while my restless arms slept on the marble tile,waiting for you to ring the doorbell

if ttyl had a meaning
why didn't my phone ring at the silent hour and only my accelerating breathe waved hello 

if xo was a gesture
why couldn't  I feel your silky hands protecting my system and your raspberry lips comforting my aching cheeks

if idk was clueless
how come did you know the lullabies that sooth her raging nights while you couldn't even answer the rhythms that highlights my beaming smile

if only acronyms were thoughtfully sincere,
you wouldn't say any of the above.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Travelgasm:Resorts World Promotions!

Hi guys!I'm about to take my oral examination for Delf A1 tomorrow but I cannot miss this live update just for the sake of your benefits and convenience,heh.In conjuction with Matta Fair and the school holidays that are coming up in two weeks' time,the Resorts World Genting,oops,not only Genting but Kijal and Langkawi as well are having must grabs promotions!The prices are drastically 'down-to-earth' and I even wanted to cry looking at the extraordinary packages 😭 So,please get ready on the track and run as fast as you can before I grab the last room.Just kidding,or maybe not! 😉

Here are the following deals:

Resorts World Genting
1)One night stay at Standard Room for RM55
2)One night stay at the XYZ Deluxe Room for RM80
3)Dinner for two persons at the Resort Seafood Restaurant for RM159
4)One night stay at the XYZ Triple Room + Breakfast for 3 persons for RM165

Trust me,you must have a night stay at the new XYZ rooms especially and of course try my favourite seafood steamboat restaurant because they only serve fresh seafood.Believe me,even Manic Monday can't give you these types of deals.

Resorts World Kijal
1)One night stay + breakfast for two persons for RM249
If you like to play golf or you want to try to play golf or anything that is related to golf,just add RM17 to enjoy a night at the Deluxe Room,breakfast and have a good game of golf on the beautiful 18-hole golf course by the sea!

Kijal is  at Kemaman,Terengganu in case if you are clueless where it is. 😘

Resorts World Langkawi
1)One night stay at the Deluxe Garden View Room for RM200 and if you are lucky,you can upgrade to Sea View as well!
2)For Sea View,spend RM565 for a 2-night stay +breakfast.For more exclusive holiday feel,do upgrade to Premier Sea View for only RM644

If you don't want to stay,that's fine,but there's still no reason for you to not spend your about-to-waste pastime at Resorts World Genting!Prices for entertaining shows are cut down when you book online only at !

List of shows:
Superstars of Magic (5 stars for this one!) : 20% off
Tsui Chin Live: 15% off

Other line-up of shows such as Power Women Encore,Tiger Huang,Alex To My Virtual Planet Tour Part II Live,Magical Date with Shuza-A Christmas Concert and 2016 New Year Countdown with 3 Divas are reduced to 25% !

This is not enough?Want to know more?Do call 03-2718-1118 or log on to .

So,what are you waiting for?Run for your dream gateaway now!