Sunday, 18 December 2016


You may be indulging into your K-Dramas for entertainment in a personal ward that you have all to yourself,but deep down we're both constantly looking at the time counting how many hours left to the scariest war in record that you will face as a soldier,alone.My life is always full of 'I wish'es but it keeps thumping harder and harder in my heart as the clock tickes.

I wish that  I messaged you just to know that you're okay.
I wish that  I visit you as often as I should.
I wish that  I take more pictures with you since you're not a camera shy anymore.
I wish that  I am present at your worst.
I wish that  I appreciated you more than ever because you're the only friend that doesn't leave me after primary school and takes me for who I am-naiive.

I wish 
I wish 
and I wish.

I begged to God to not take my one pill of happiness away,nor her own happiness.Only you and Him knew the big lump of pain that you carry behind your back secretly from everyone else,and only He can ease and vanish them all.You brought happiness to me,and I have faith that He will grant you more than you give.

Erase all your worries and confusions because He is the best planner and He looks and cares for all the sufferings that you have been through.This may be cliche but the only reason why He tests His servants is because He loves them.He loves you very much.I,and We,love you very much.

Remember,you're bent but not broken.

You're a very strong fighter and I'm proud to have a warrior as my best friend.

Cheers to life,we'll get through this all.


(this is the only picture that we have together up to date.& this is freaking four years ago.don't judge.)
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